Men's Auxiliary

The 102nd National Convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of United States approved a by-law change that authorizes the formation of Men's Auxiliary Units.

If you are a husband, widower, father, grandfather, son, grandson, brother or half brother of a person who was or is eligible for membership in the VFW, and you attained that status prior to age 16, you are eligible. Members in the Menís Auxiliary must be at least 16 years of age.

Basic VFW membership eligibility is through service to our country that has earned our membership their elite status. Anyone who has received a campaign medal for overseas service; has served 30 consecutive or 60 non-consecutive days in Korea; or has ever received hostile fire or imminent danger pay, is eligible for membership in the VFW.


Post 2562 is located at 11316 Fern Street, Wheaton, MD 20902.

The Post Telephone Number is 301-933-1588.

The Post Fax Number is 301-942-1316.

The Post Email Address is

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